29 October 2013

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Dr. Sigrid Eldh (Ericsson AB, Karlstad University, Mälardalen University, Sweden) is giving a talk on 'Research in Industry: From Test Design Techniques to Automation, Analysis and Metrics!'

Where and when? UCD CSI Boardroom, 29th October 2013, 10AM.

Abstract: In this talk I will present a short overview from my research on testing, a bit of the “gap” discussions between academia and industry – and my very personal take on testing large complex telecommunication systems. One can easily believe that writing test cases are “a solved problem”, and that automating tests are simply a matter of either having a good model checking tool, or just plain coding. But there are a series of challenges that comes with the “real world”: From testing proprietary multi-core systems with low observability to understanding software metrics. Are we solving the right problems? Are we measuring the right things? And are we asking the right research questions? Maybe this talk can give some perspective on the challenges in software testing in industry.


Sigrid Eldh is a well-known leader in the software testing field. With a M.Sc. in Computer Science from Uppsala University, and a PhD from Mälardalen University "On Test Design", she has near 30 years of practice in industry. Sigrid also holds a diploma as an Organization/Psychotherapy consultant. Having held many positions at Ericsson, HP, Governance and other type of companies, she is now working at Ericsson AB, Radio System & Technology with test strategies and research, as an adjunct senior lecturer at Karlstad University. She was the co-founder of SAST, ASTA, ISTQB and SSTB. Through her work she has helped organizations, test managers and testers around the world to reach better quality.