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  • 16 April: The paper 'Analysis and Validation of the Maximal Reasonable Link Group Size in Static 802.11a Wireless Mesh Networks: A Study Towards Channel Assignment' by Sebastian Robitzsch and Liam Murphy has been accepted for publication at IEEE HotMESH'12.
  • 23 February: Welcome to Saima Arif, new PhD student in the group. She has Master degree in computer Science from Fatima Jinnah Women University Rawalpindi, Pakistan (2007), where she worked as Teaching Assistant for one year. She worked in Software house (Buraq Integrated Solutions) as a Technical Writer for one year and she worked as researcher 2 years at the University of Warwick, UK.
  • 1 February: Welcome to Soufiene Djahel, new research fellow in the group. Dr. Soufiene Djahel is mainly involved in TRAFFIC project. In 2011, he was a postdoc fellow at ENSIIE where he was involved in a research project aiming at designing communication protocols for Hybrid Sensor and Vehicular Networks (HSVNs). He got his Ph.D degree in computer science in December 2010 from university of Lille1, France. The research interests of Soufiene Djahel fall under the field of wireless networking with main focus on communication protocols design and security in MANETs, WMNs, VANETs and WSNs.
  • 23 January: Welcome to Anthony Ventresque, new research fellow in the group. Anthony studied both Computer Science and Philosophy. He obtained a Master degree in Philosophy (2001), got a Master degree in Computer Science and a PhD in 2008 in University of Nantes, France. He was research and teaching assistant during year 2009 at University of Nantes and a research fellow since 2010 till 2011 in Nanyang Technological University.
  • 23 January: Welcome to Andres Omar Portillo Dominguez, new PhD student in the group. He obtained a Bachelor degree in Information Systems from Tec de Monterrey (2000) and got a Master degree in Business Administration from Thunderbird University (2008). From a professional side, Omar has 11+ years of experience in the software industry in which he has played the roles of software engineer, business analyst, architect and project /program manager for companies in the consulting, manufacturing, retailing, banking and telecommunication domains.


  • 7 November: Welcome to Somnath Mazumdar, new PhD student in the group. Somnath completed his Master of Science in Ubiquitous Networking and Computing from INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, France.