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  • 2 July: The paper 'A Hidden Markov Model based Scheme for Efficient and Fast Dissemination of Safety Messages in VANETs' by Imane Horiya Brahmi, Soufiene Djahel and Yacine Ghamri-Doudane has been accepted for publication at IEEE Globecom 2012.
  • 27 June: Toyotaro Suzumura (IBM and Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan) is giving a talk for PEL-UCD: X10-based Massive Parallel Large- Scale Traffic Flow Simulation.
  • 1 June: Soufiene Djahel, Liam Murphy, Dawid Nowak and Anthony Ventresque are organisers of a special session at the 16th IEEE/ACM DS-RT 2012. See more.
  • 16 April: The paper 'Analysis and Validation of the Maximal Reasonable Link Group Size in Static 802.11a Wireless Mesh Networks: A Study Towards Channel Assignment' by Sebastian Robitzsch and Liam Murphy has been accepted for publication at IEEE HotMESH'12.
  • 23 February: Welcome to Saima Arif, new PhD student in the group. See more.
  • 17 January: Congratulations to a Cristian Olariu, John Fitzpatrick and Liam Murphy who won the overall best paper award at IEEE/COMSOC CCNC 2012 (Consumer Communications and Networking Conference) See more.


  • 7 November: Welcome to Somnath Mazumdar, new PhD student in the group. See more.