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The Performance Engineering Laboratory (PEL) combines engineering research in the areas of computer, multimedia, and data networks- in short, anything where performance issues arise and where the application of performance analysis can support the understanding or the design of the system.

PEL brings together researchers from different professional and cultural backgrounds. People in PEL come from a number of different countries: Ireland, Korea, Germany, Romania, France, India and more. Expert knowledge varies from post-graduate to experienced senior researchers and academic staff.

The mix of ideas and the shared expertise guarantees an exciting research experience, and a valuable base for collaboration with other researchers and industry partners.

The aim of PEL is to provide models, tools and analysis to aid in system design, performance, prototyping, testing and evaluation. Current PEL projects are in the areas of Multimedia Networking & Mobile Systems and Distributed Internet-enabled Systems.

The applications we look at range from traffic management to adaptive e-learning.

PEL is mainly located within two Dublin based Universities, Dublin City University (DCU) and University College Dublin (UCD). There are PEL members in NUI Galway, Athlone IT, Carlow IT, NCI, and Letterkenny IT.

Latest News:

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