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Thomas Cerqueus is a postdoctoral research fellow at University College Dublin. He joined the Performance Engineering Lab in February 2013. He contributes to RTE, a software testing work programme of the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre (Lero). More specifically, his research focus on developing techniques that enable the testing of large-scale and distributed applications. He was also engineering manager of CAR Demo, a demonstrator developed to showcase Lero research outcomes.

He was co-chair of the 3rd International Workshop on Large-Scale Testing. He was in the Technical Programme Committee of TTC 2013, DS-RT 2013, ISUW 2013, TTC 2014 and LT 2014. Thomas earned his PhD from the university of Nantes in November 2012. His reseach focused on semantic information retrieval in heterogeneous peer-to-peer systems. He previously received a Master's degree in software engineering (2009), and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics (2007) from the university of Nantes.