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| style=""| <email>ghamri@ensiie.fr</email>
| style=""| <email>ghamri@ensiie.fr</email>
| style=""| [http://www.ensiie.fr/~ghamri/ Yacine Ghamri-Doudane]
| style=""| [http://www.labri.fr/perso/magoni/ Damien Magoni]
| style=""| CSI/A1.06
| style=""| CSI/A1.06
| style=""| +353-1-716-xxxx  
| style=""| +353-1-716-xxxx  
| style=""| <email>ghamri@ensiie.fr</email>
| style=""| <email>magoni@labri.fr</email>

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Academic Staff

Name Office Room Phone E-mail
John Murphy CSI/B2.22 +353-1-716-2928 <email>j.murphy@ucd.ie</email>
Liam Murphy CSI/B1.02 +353-1-716-2914 <email>liam.murphy@ucd.ie</email>

Research Fellows

Name Office Room Phone E-mail
Thomas Cerqueus CSI/B2.14 +353-1-716-2944 <email>thomas.cerqueus@ucd.ie</email>
Soufiene Djahel CSI/A1.07 +353-1-716-2479 <email>soufiene.djahel@ucd.ie</email>
Viliam Holub <email>viliam.holub@ucd.ie</email>
Elvis Liu CSI/A1.01 +353-1-716-2475 <email>elvis.liu@ucd.ie</email>
Patrick McDonagh CSI/A1.09 +353-1-716-2925 <email>patrick.mcdonagh@ucd.ie</email>
Sean Murphy <email>Sean.Murphy@iname.com</email>
Hamid Nafaa <email>nafaa@ieee.org</email>
Philip Perry CSI/B2.09 +353-1-716-2903 <email>philip@perryradio.com</email>
Nicola Stokes CSI/B2.09 +353-1-716-2903 <email>nicola.stokes@ucd.ie</email>
Christina Thorpe CSI/A1.01 +353-1-716-2475 <email>christina.thorpe@gmail.com</email>
Anthony Ventresque CSI/A1.09 +353-1-716-2925 <email>anthony.ventresque@ucd.ie</email>
Miao Wang CSI/A1.01 +353-1-716-2475 <email>miao.wang@ucd.ie</email>

Post-Graduate Researchers

Name E-mail
Newres AlHaider
Saima Arif
Vanessa Ayala
Quentin Bragard
Teodora Sandra Buda
Adriana E. Chis <email>adriana.chis@ucd.ie</email>
Ulrich Dangel <email>uli@spamt.net</email>
Enda Fallon <email>efallon@ait.ie</email>
Shadi Ghaith
Yi Han
Adriana Hava <email>Adriana.Hava@ucdconnect.ie</email>
Jesus Iglesias <email>Jesus.Omana-Iglesias.1@ucdconnect.ie</email>
Ruth Lennon
Xi Li
Somnath Mazumdar <email>mailto:somnath.mazumdar@ucdconnect.ie</email>
Omar Portillo <email>andres.portillo-dominguez@ucdconnect.ie</email>
Sebastian Robitzsch <email>Sebastian.Robitzsch@ucdconnect.ie</email>
Thibaud Rohmer
Vi Tran Ngoc Nha <email>vi.tran-ngoc-nha@ucdconnect.ie</email>
Shen Wang

Research Engineers

Name Office Room Phone E-mail
Cristian Olariu <email>cristian.olariu@ucd.ie</email>

Software Engineers

Name Office Room Phone E-mail


Name Institution of origin
Filipe Oliveira École Centrale Nantes and University of São Paulo.
Emmanuel Rieg University of Strasbourg
Takfarinas Saber University of Nantes

Invited Visitors

Name Office Room Phone E-mail
Yacine Ghamri-Doudane CSI/A1.06 +353-1-716-xxxx <email>ghamri@ensiie.fr</email>
Damien Magoni CSI/A1.06 +353-1-716-xxxx <email>magoni@labri.fr</email>


Name Position in UCD Latest known position
Mick Aberman Intern, 2012 Master Student, INSA Lyon
Pierre Neidhardt Intern, 2012 Master Student, INSA Lyon
John Fitzpatrick Postdoc Fellow 2012 OpenNet
Laurent Clouet Software Enginner 2012 OpenNet