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| style="background-color:#A8A8A8;"| E-mail
| style="background-color:#A8A8A8;"| E-mail
| style=""|Arnaud Cordier
| style=""|Nicolas Noel
| style=""|INSA Lyon
| style="background-color:#CCFFFF;"|Rémi Domingues
| style="background-color:#CCFFFF;"|INSA Lyon
| style=""|Anthony Labaere
| style=""|École Centrale Nantes
| style=""|École Centrale Nantes
| style="background-color:#CCFFFF;"|Nicolas Noel
| style="background-color:#CCFFFF;"|École Centrale Nantes
| style=""|Filipe Oliveira
| style=""|École Centrale Nantes and University of São Paulo.
| style="background-color:#CCFFFF;"|Emmanuel Rieg
| style="background-color:#CCFFFF;"|University of Strasbourg
| style=""|Takfarinas Saber
| style=""|University of Nantes
| style="background-color:#CCFFFF;"|Adrien Thiery
| style="background-color:#CCFFFF;"|Adrien Thiery
| style="background-color:#CCFFFF;"|École Centrale Nantes
| style="background-color:#CCFFFF;"|École Centrale Nantes

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Academic Staff

Name Office Room Phone E-mail
John Murphy CSI/B2.22 +353-1-716-2928 <email>j.murphy@ucd.ie</email>
Liam Murphy CSI/B1.02 +353-1-716-2914 <email>liam.murphy@ucd.ie</email>

Research Fellows

Name Office Room Phone E-mail
Thomas Cerqueus CSI/A1.09 +353-1-716-2925
Nikki Cranley CSI/B2.14 +353-1-716-2944 <email>nikki.cranley@ucd.ie</email>
Soufiene Djahel CSI/A1.07 +353-1-716-2479 <email>soufiene.djahel@ucd.ie</email>
Viliam Holub <email>viliam.holub@ucd.ie</email>
Elvis Liu CSI/A1.01 <email>elvis.liu@ucd.ie</email>
Patrick McDonagh CSI/A1.09 +353-1-716-2925 <email>patrick.mcdonagh@ucd.ie</email>
Sean Murphy <email>Sean.Murphy@iname.com</email>
Philip Perry CSI/A1.09 +353-1-716-2903 <email>philip@perryradio.com</email>
Nicola Stokes <email>nicola.stokes@ucd.ie</email>
Christina Thorpe CSI/A1.01 <email>christina.thorpe@gmail.com</email>
Anthony Ventresque CSI/B2.14 +353-1-716-2894 <email>anthony.ventresque@ucd.ie</email>
Miao Wang CSI/A1.01 <email>miao.wang@ucd.ie</email>

Post-Graduate Researchers

Name E-mail
Saima Arif
Vanessa Ayala
Quentin Bragard
Teodora Sandra Buda
Ulrich Dangel <email>uli@spamt.net</email>
Shadi Ghaith
Yi Han
Adriana Hava <email>Adriana.Hava@ucdconnect.ie</email>
Jesus Iglesias <email>Jesus.Omana-Iglesias.1@ucdconnect.ie</email>
Xi Li
Omar Portillo <email>andres.portillo-dominguez@ucdconnect.ie</email>
Thibaud Rohmer
Takfarinas Saber
Shen Wang
Sofiane Zemouri

Research Engineers

Name Office Room Phone E-mail
Cristian Olariu <email>cristian.olariu@ucd.ie</email>

Software Engineers

Name Office Room Phone E-mail


Name E-mail
Nicolas Noel École Centrale Nantes
Adrien Thiery École Centrale Nantes

Invited Visitors

Name Office Room Phone E-mail
Yacine Ghamri-Doudane CSI/A1.06 +353-1-716-xxxx <email>ghamri@ensiie.fr</email>
Damien Magoni CSI/B2.14 +353-1-716-2944 <email>magoni@labri.fr</email>

Past Members

Name Position with PEL Dates Last know position
Mick Aberman Intern 2012 Master student, INSA Lyon
Laurent Clouet Software Engineer 2010-2012 Openet
Arnaud Cordier Intern 2013 Master student, INSA Lyon
Rémi Domingues Intern 2013 Master student, INSA Lyon
John Fitzpatrick PhD student, Postdoc 2004-2008, 2008-2012 Openet
Anthony Labaere Intern 2013 Master Student, Ecole Centrale Nantes
Somnath Mazumdar 2001-2013
Hamif Nafaa Postdoc
Pierre Neidhardt Intern 2012 Master student, INSA Lyon
Filipe Oliveira Intern 2013 Undergrad Student, University of São Paulo
Trevor Parsons PhD student, Postdoc ?-2012 Logentries
Emmanuel Rieg Intern 2013
Vi Tran Ngoc Nha 2012-2013