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Academic Staff

Name Office Room Phone E-mail
Jennifer McManis Office Room +353 1 700 8043 <email></email>
Cristina Muntean Office Room +353 1 700 7648 <email></email>
Gabriel-Miro Muntean Office Room +353 1 4498623 <email></email>
John Murphy Office Room +353-1-716-2928 <email></email>
Liam Murphy Office Room +353-1-716-2914 <email></email>

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Name Office Room Phone E-mail
Soufiene Djahel CSI/A1.01 <email></email>
John Fitzpatrick CSI/A1.07 <email></email>
Sean Murphy CSI/A1.07 <email></email>
Dawid Nowak CSI/A1.09 +353-1-716-2925 <email></email>
Christina Thorpe <email></email>
Anthony Ventresque CSI/A1.09 +353-1-716-2925 <email></email>

Post-Graduate Researchers