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<bibtex> @inproceedings{267, author={Mos,A. ; Murphy,J.}, title={Performance Monitoring of JAVA Component-Oriented Distributed Applications}, booktitle={IEEE 9th International Conference on Software,Telecommunication & Computer Networks}, year={2001}, abstract={We present a framework for monitoring the performance of component oriented distributed applications based on the Enterprise Java Beans specification. The environment leverages EJB architecture to monitor existing applications in real-time and to provide detailed run-time information that help identify performance hotspots at an object-oriented level. It is non-intrusive, portable across all EJB compliant application servers and easily extendable to accommodate new data-acquisition or graphical presentation components. Current status of the work serves as proof of concept and a complete implementation is under development.}, keywords={performance, monitoring, EJB, component-oriented, distributed systems}, pdf={performance monitoring.pdf}, } </bibtex>