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This paper will describe how WorkbenchTM, an advanced simulation modelling tool, can be used to build a scalable model of a multi-server EJB system that allows users to input variables that describe interactions and their constituent methods, as well as system parameters. The model will output the average time for each given user interaction and allow users to seek system improvements by changing the system parameters and workloads.}, keywords={EJB,JavaBeans}, author={D.McGuinness and L.Murphy}, </bibtex> <bibtex> @inproceedings { type={inproceedings }, cite={306}, title={Cost-based burst dropping strategy in Optical Burst Switching Networks}, booktitle={IEEE 7th International Conference on Transport Optical Networks}, year={2005}, publisher={Performance Engineering Lab}, organization={Performance Engineering Lab}, abstract={Optical Burst Switching (OBS) is a new paradigm for future all-optical networks. 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available.Similarly the unavailablity of FDLs will decrease the probablity of burst being accepted.In a cost-based algorithm,each resource is assigned a metric(or price).Channels arepriced according to their suitablity for a particular burst.When a control packet arrives at a core node,all the possible ways of handling the corresponding burst are found(the outgoing channel,with or without a FDL or wavelength converter),and the one with the lowest metric is chosen.To show how the performance of a cost-based algorithm compares to other algorithm we present the result of our simulations for a node with full conversion capablity and a shared FDL.}, keywords={Wavelength}, author={Klusek,B. and Murphy,J. and Perry,P.}, </bibtex> <bibtex> @proceedings { type={proceedings }, cite={384}, title={Exploring the Extent & Impact of Playout Adjustments within VoIP Applications on MOS Scores}, year={2005}, address={Prague,Czech Republic}, abstract={Delay and packet loss dramatically affect the quality 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