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Forkstream.png ForkStream: "Forkstream was founded in 2012 by John Fitzpatrick and Hamid Nafaa as a spin-out from University College Dublin. With many years of research at the Performance Engineering Lab behind them, the founders identified problems with existing WiFi offload solutions; particularly around the area of session continuity and flow management. The team set out to solve these problems and provide a solution that can deliver a truly seamless user experience when roaming between cellular and WiFi networks and at the same time allow operators to have fine granular control over their customers data.".
Geodealio.png geoDealio: "came out of the simple idea of allowing businesses to easily and instantly advertise their latest deals to their customers." Founded by Dr. John Fitzpatrick, former PhD student and currently post-doc with us.
Logentries.png Logentries: "Logs collected in real time, analyzed, stored, and presented in a meaningful way. Anywhere. Anytime." Founded by Dr. Trevor Parsons and Dr. Viliam Holub, former PhD student and post-doc with us.


LogoCarDemo.png Car Demo is a prototype application that implements features of a Traffic Management System (TMS). Its goal is to showcase research outcomes within Lero. Work programmes involved in the demonstrator include Traffic, Mansec, Dysarm, Lamp, Mule, etc.

The prototype has been developed by five PEL interns between March and September 2013: Adrien Thiery, Nicolas Noel, Arnaud Cordier, Anthony Labaere and Rémi Domingues. The project management was ensured by Philip Perry, Anthony Ventresque and Thomas Cerqueus.