17 May 2013

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Soufiene Djahel and John Murphy are organisers of a special session at the 17th IEEE/ACM DS-RT 2013.

Special Session on Recent Advances in WSN's design and Deployment for Real-Time Applications

Over the last decade,researchers and engineersfrom industry and academia were focusing their efforts mainly on energy saving strategies to maximize the Wireless Sensor Networks(WSNs) lifetime. However, new emerging applications, which consider critical and multimedia flows, are gaining more and more popularity in various activity domains. Those WSN-based applications have strict requirementsin terms of security, fault tolerance, and Quality of Service (QoS). The various types of constraints to consider make the design, implementation, and validation of such applications very challenging. QoS and real-time support in WSNs face severe challenges due to the wireless nature of the channel, limited resources, low node reliability, distributed architecture and dynamic network topology in some applications. This special session seeks to bring together researchers, scientists and engineers from various research communities, as well as practitioners who face the challenges of QoS and Real-time support in WSNs applications. They are all welcome to present their latest research findings, ideas, simulation tools and applications, and discussthe key unresolved challengesin the topics of this special session.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Reliable Real-time WSN protocols and applications
  • Delay Guarantees in WSNs applications
  • QoS-mapping fromApplication level to Network and MAC levels
  • Cross-layer Designs for WSNs
  • QoS-oriented dynamic reconfiguration of WSNs
  • Real-Time tracking applications based WSNs
  • WSNs monitoring applications
  • MAC and Routing protocols design for WSNs
  • Fault-tolerant routing techniquesin WSNs
  • Experimental prototypes and testbeds
  • New and unconventional applications of WSNs
  • Underwater and underground WSNs deployment strategies
  • Security and privacy concernsin WSNs
  • WSNs applications for disaster management
  • WSNs applications for road traffic monitoring in smart cities

DS-RT 2013 Special Session web page: http://ds-rt.com/2013/rawd_2013.htm


Submitted manuscripts must be in standard IEEE two-column format that is used for IEEE conference proceedings and must not exceed "8 pages" (2-page extension allowed), including figures, tables and references. Standard IEEE templates for Microsoft Word or LaTeX formats can be found at: http://www.ieee.org/conferences_events/conferences/publishing/templates.html

A submission may present preliminary results, propose new research direction, provide insightful retrospective, or offer a provocative viewpoint on important wireless and mobile networks topic. Papers will be selected based on their likelihood of generating insightful technical discussions at the special session and influencing future research. Relevant attributes include originality, technical merit, clarity, and technical relevance. Papers must be submitted in PDF format through EDAS (https://edas.info/N14613 - ("DS-RT 2013")). All papers will be peer reviewed and the comments will be provided to the authors. Consistent with standard scholarly practice, the authors should not have substantially similar work in review anywhere else. The accepted papers are to be included into IEEE Xplore.


Full paper submission deadline: June 15th, 2013 (23:59 EDT) Paper acceptance notification: July 20th, 2013